About Us

Who we are

5BARz India Private Limited is one of India’s most promising technology start-ups that is well equipped to provide seamless connectivity solutions. 5BARz India is a part of 5BARz International Inc., a start-up that is delivering solutions for cellular and broadband network operators in providing clear, high quality signal and superior connectivity for their subscribers. 5BARz™ currently offers 2 state-of-the-art products namely the 5BARz™ Wi-Fi Router for broadband connectivity, and the 5BARz™ Network Extender for cellular connectivity. Due to their plug & play nature and zero installation cost, the 5BARz™ suite of products is emerging as the most attractive proposition in India.

The 5BARz™ Wi-Fi Router - ROVR through it’s single-piece, plug and play device introduces a break through approach in providing uninterrupted and superior coverage and connectivity across home and work with a smart approach to broadband.

The ultra-portable 5BARz™ Network Extender incorporates a patented technology to create a high engineering based, single-piece, plug and play device that strengthens weak cellular signals by amplifying even the poorest cellular signals from 1 bar to 5 bars, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity at home and work.

Our Team

Since inception, 5BARz India has benefited from a superior leadership team - from strong, active and independent board members to our experienced senior management team. Our leadership team provides strategic direction to our company. It consists of highly qualified and dedicated individuals with depth of expertise and Knowledge.

Board of Directors

Daniel Bland
Director (Founder of Parent)
Director (Founder of Parent), Seasoned entrepreneur, developed & promoted unique technologies
30 years of experience in the field of technology , locating, incubating, developing, commercializing and building a team around state-of-art technologies
Samartha Raghava N
MD & CEO, India
MD & CEO, India Entrepreneur who has setup & run multinational companies in wireless technologies
Founding Managing Director Kyocera Wireless India
President & CEO Mindtree Wireless Pvt. Ltd.
President & CEO in Videocon Group
Dr. Gil Amelio
Member of Board
Member of Board, Godfather of Telecom industry across the World
CEO, Apple
Director, AT&T

We rely on our mobile devices to stay connected with the ever changing world.
We developed the 5BARz products so we can stay close to the people we care for, share the things we love and keep business at hand.