5BARz commences rollout of ROVR Wi-Fi Router in First city in India

24 Feb 2017

5BARz™ Network Extender Positioned to Gain Significant Market Share in India Telco Market in 2017

7 Feb 2017

5BARz Launches wifi ROVR IoT Hub in India

2 Feb 2017

5BARz debuts among top ten Mobile Start-Ups in India at the YourStory

24 Nov 2016

5BARz™ Reveals the First Look and Feature Set of its state-of-the-art ROVR Smart Hub to the World

3 Nov 2016

5BARz™ Next-Gen Wi-Fi Router ‘ROVR’ to Usher Smart Home Revolution in Emerging Markets

4 Oct 2016

5BARz™ Network Extender Receives Rave Reviews from Independent Survey in India

28 Sept 2016

5BARz™ International Adds to Suite of Intellectual Property with Upcoming Filings in India

20 Sept 2016

5BARz™ Enters Wi-Fi Router Business with Next-Gen Product for the Emerging Markets

14 Sept 2016

5BARz™ To Roll out Wi-Fi Routers in 11 Cities across India

8 Sept 2016

5BARz Signs Landmark Deal with Top ISP to Deploy a Minimum of 5 Million Wifi

1 sept 2016

5BARz Signs Landmark Deal with Top ISP to Deploy a Minimum of 5 Million Wifi

31 Aug 2016

5BARz India Provides Sales Guidance for 2H 2016 and FY 2017

7 July 2016

5BARz India Plugs in With Airtel to Enhance Customer Experience

5 July 2016

5BARz India Becomes Approved Vendor for Another Tier 1 Cellular Network Operator in India

15 March 2016

5BARz India Commences SMT Manufacturing of 5BARz Network Extenders in India

10 March 2016

5BARz India Announces Trial Rollout with Second Customer in India

23 Feb 2016

5BARz™ Wi-Fi ‘ROVR’ IoT Hub Available on Amazon

14 Feb 2016

Vodafone Continues Commercial Roll out of 5BARz in India

24 Dec 2015

5BARz India Engages Key Industry Executive

13 Oct 2015

5BARz Gaining Momentum in India

23 Sept 2015

5BARz India to Present at the 2nd Annual Axis Capital Investor Conference in Mumbai

2 Sept 2015

5BARz commences rollout of 5BARz

20 August , 2015

5BARz Unveils Patented Cellular Network Extender in India- 28 May 2015

28 May 2015

5BARz India Pens Axis Capital Ltd

19 March 2015

5BARz India Hires Top Telecom Executive to Run Company

12 March 2015

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